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SHETLANDS; The Shetland breed is an old breed, said to
have been brought to Shetland Isles by the Vikings. Thy are
considered a primitive breed , naturally short tailed, small in
size and with the widest variety of colors and markings of
any sheep breed. Shetland wool is one of the finest and
softest of all the British breeds, Once endangered, they are
now on the "recovering" list by the American Livestock
Conservancey. Shetlands are a friendly breed, often
wagging their tails when scratched and petted.
LINCOLN LONGWOOLS: The original longwool sheep were
believed to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. At that
time their wool was quite coarse. Modern Lincolns are a cross
between the "old" coarse Lincoln and "new" Leicester. Most
Lincolns today have an almost medium grade fleece, very  long
stapled, bold crimp and lustrous in sheen. Lincolns are now on
the "watch" list with the Conservancy. They are a large sheep with
a comic personality.
CORRIEDALES: The Corriedale breed was developed
about 1902 in New Zealand by crossing Merino ewes with
Lincoln Longwool rams. They were developed as a dual
purpose sheep-- wool and meat. Corriedale fleece is soft,
long staple with a well defined crimp. It is easy to spin and
makes a wonderfully soft yarn. These sheep are noted for
their docility and mothering instinct. They are a large sheep
that are gentle and friendly.
Our Sheep Breeds
A New Breed has come to our farm. Watch for the fleece of FINN SHEEP this spring.