Pictured are examples of yarns which
we offer. We will begin shearing in
April, 201
5 and will offer a complete list
at that time.

All of our sheep are always covered,
from about four weeks of age. This
insures the cleanest possible fleece and
prevents weather damage. At shearing,
our fleeces are heavily skirted, with the
only wool being offered for sale is that
which has been under cover. Most
fleece carry very little "grease" and can
be spun "in the grease" if desired.

Our raw fleece are priced per pound
plus shipping. We will divide adult
fleece in half if the buyer prefers. We
will not divide into smaller lots. Our
lamb or Hogget fleeces are only sold as
a whole fleece.

Our processed wool comes as Yarns,
both dyed and natural color and roving.
Our Corriedales produce a soft wool
that spins into wonderful yarns. Most
are soft enough to be worn next to the
skin -- great for sweaters. We have
black, shades of gray and white
available in most weights, including a
great weaving weight yarn. Our Lincoln  
is a wonderful lustrous, curly and silky
fleece. It is great for socks, hats and
other outer wear that requires a durable
yarn. We have both white, gray and
some black. Of course we also offer a
variety of hand dyed yarns in a rainbow
of colors.

Our rovings are wonderful for spinners.
We chose Corriedale sheep because of
their fantastic fleece and great
disposition. The added bonus is the
ease with which their wool can be
spun. This makes it great for beginning
spinners and a real joy for the
advanced spinner.

The Lincolns are the clowns of our
flock. They keep us laughing and are a
joy to have. We are so happy they have
joined our flock. The yarns and rovings
from their fleece are very strong, silky
and so lustrous and easy to spin.

The Shetland breed has three different
fleece types. These range from single
coat,  intermediate and dual coated or
primitive. Their fleeces can run from
ultra soft and fine to a more course
structure. Shetland is wonderful to spin
and knitters think that it is a great fiber
with which use on knitting projects. We
offer fleeces in a wide variety of colors
which are described using old original
color descriptions, such as Moorit,
Musket, Shaela and others to numerous
to mention here.

Please contact us if you have questions
or would like to purchase some of our
products. We will gladly send samples
of any of our products.
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